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I’ve been having fun photographing my own (gasp!) kiddos in between sessions lately.  I’ve just come to the realization that they’re getting WAAAAAY too big, too quickly and I need to bust a move.  :)   Took my little guy to see some trains last week…a mommy & me date…so pics from that AND Disney World just might make an appearance in between client sessions.  :)

The pic above was during the walk back home from the kindergarten bus.  A highlight of our day is riding bikes home from the bus stop.

And speaking of bikes…on Mother’s Day, Peach decided to be especially brave and we took the training wheels off of her bike.  Well, we actually had her learn on a bike the neighbors “gifted” us (a bit smaller!) and then she broke in her Disney Princess bike w/o trainers.


A couple minor scratches later, she now pedals like a little maniac around and around and AROUND the island on our street.  She just can’t get enough.



SO proud of my girlie.  It almost makes my heart burst.

Have a lovely day!


OH…and if you’re looking to book a session, let’s get something on the calendar quickly!  I am booked through mid-June, which is absolutely exciting.  Can’t wait for all the fun-loving families I will be able to photograph in the next four weeks.

7 Responses to “{extra double triple brave} | colleyville child photographer”

  1. Uncle Phil Says:

    Great pics.

  2. Organicmama Says:

    Beautiful shots, Maggie! She looks just like you. :) OM

  3. julie b Says:

    Yeah K! LOVED these…. so did you-know-who ;)

  4. Tracy Says:

    Way to Go…Go…Go!!!! She’s just to awesome!

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Go K!!!!! I love her smile :)

  6. Christine DeSavino Says:

    You are so creative…I just love your work! Beautiful shots of a beautiful girl!

  7. Carrie Scruggs Says:

    Oh how fun!!!!!!!!!! This same thing is on our “to do list” for “S” – good bye training wheels!

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