mr. personality

Oooh. The perfect title cause it’s TRUE!!! 

Meet T.  T and Peach (my daughter, if you’re new to the blog!) are best of friends.  They were born on the very same day, too, which is always fun.  She always has a friend to celebrate her birthday with! 

Their birthday is just a couple days away, so we had a little photo shoot for this ALMOST 4-year-old. 

He’s silly, he’s smart (TONS of insect and dinosaur facts!), and loves to have a good time. 

He has the cutest, high-pitched dolphin laugh, too, sometimes.  Can’t you just hear it in the picture below?  I can’t remember what we were taking about, but it must have been hilarious!  :)

We had LOTS of fun!  Here are a couple to choose from, J–I love all these little glimpses of him!  :)       ~m

5 Responses to “mr. personality”

  1. jen Says:

    that laughing picture flippin’ rocks! everything about it. :)

  2. shannon littrell Says:

    each image made me smile!

    you are good my friend!!!

  3. julie B Says:

    LOVE these! I agree, the laughing one is adorable. Awesome, as usual… you are the best! :)

  4. tami Says:

    i’ll give a third shoutout for that laughing picture! so squeezable! the first picture is so b-e-a-u-tiful!

  5. Srilu Viene Says:

    ooh, love these pictures. What a handsome lil’ dude! :)

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