[new babe] | dallas / fort worth family photography


We braved the heat a couple days ago (a hard thing for these Washingtonians!) and set out for some updated family pics.


Oh do I love this smiley guy! :)


Babies bring so much peace, love and happiness. I love watching families grow. :)

Have a splendid day!

7 Responses to “[new babe] | dallas / fort worth family photography”

  1. Christine DeSavino Says:

    Wow – how awesome is that wall??!! These are awesome family shots, Maggie. Such treasures!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    These are ALL so awesome!!! I can’t pick a fav…I like them all!!! You rock Maggie :)

  3. manda Says:

    I want them all!!! please?!?

  4. jen Says:

    that third one cracks me up with his faux hawk stickin’ up! i am still super giddy about our images – you kick some ‘buns’ lady! XO

  5. Mimi Says:

    These are NIIIICE!

  6. Jessica N Says:

    You make this look EASY sister! Great shots. These are simply gorgeous! Love them all.

  7. Jackie Says:

    ahhh…finally, the photographer gets photographed. Beautiful! I love this fam :)

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