rainy day photo shoot | sand dance designs


Ahhhh…rain!  My kiddos LOVE to play in the rain.  A rainy day is like a million bucks floating through the sky over here.  :)   The kiddos started out with umbrellas and then quickly made their way to completely soaked.  These pics are pretty much right in the middle of that.  ;)

We got a new skirt from Regina at Sand Dance Designs a couple weeks ago and Peach wanted to wear her “cheerleader skirt” to twirl in the rain.  Love it.  The bold colors are just perfect and it gets a thumbs up on the jump and twirl scale from Peach (obviously it was quite a rigorous testing process).  ;)   Sand Dance Designs is on a bit of a summer break, but will return shortly.  Stay tuned because we’re getting some incredible, I mean AWESOME stuff from Regina.   She is SO talented, sweet, and really listens to what we love in clothes.  Then she takes her talent and creates by mixing fabrics, altering designs, and making little extra embellishments.  SO fun.

sanddanceskirtHope you’re having one lovely day!  Kiddos are at Nature School this morning discovering new mushrooms and creatures outdoors…I’m trapped inside editing.  Editing some AWESOME sessions though, so I’m one happy gal.  Can’t wait to show you more!!!  ~mm

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  1. Christine DeSavino Says:

    Breathtaking! Really lovely! I am such a fan!

  2. julie Says:

    C-U-T-E! Oh my goodness… so much to catch up on! Rainy days, passwords, junkyards… I’ve been away too long!!!! You’ve been a busy, busy bee… more amazingness, as always :)

  3. ReginaH Says:

    HOLY WOW!!! “Peach” you look MARVELOUS!!!!!!! Maggie, I can’t even find the right words to express how creative and wonderful your photography is. I use my sewing skills, put together with the medium of my choice, fabric as a creative outlet. I pull fabrics that speak to me, saying “please pick me”. After finishing a project, I wonder “will someone love it as much as I do”? To see “Peach” in this twirl skirt, having a great time, smiling and looking so bright & fabulous on a blah rainy day……………… Then I know why I do it all, for the moments in time your photos captured. I squealed like a little girl when I saw these, THANK YOU to you and peach! She is such a joy to create for and you are amazing to work with. BTW, I made Peach a matching fabric flower pin and some other goodies to match her skirt.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Love the pics…and love the skirt!!! I love K jumping and hair flying! Totally awesome!!!

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