{sisters in the sunlight} | Dallas / Fort Worth Portrait Photography

If you had to guess how old these two sisters are…what would you say? :)

I was shocked to find out these two beauties are 12 and 14! They are SO super sweet, polite (everything was “yes m’am”) and stunning. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph them! Last week, I was asked by a lovely friend to photograph her extended family to capture all the cousins together with their Big Pops in town. It was speedy and fun — you see, when extended family sessions happen (I really don’t do many of them), we blast through like nobody’s business! :) Since that type of posing isn’t what fuels me, I typically quickly go through all the requested posed shots and then relish in the candids afterwards. :) Ahhhh…photographing candids of sweet extended family love and portraits of beautiful people is SO much F-U-N. :)

{Is this precious or what? I wish wish wish I had a pics of my kiddos like this with their grandparents and am making it a GOAL to do so…}

After finishing off our big family session, we had about 6 minutes to photograph the sisters. We got a TON — I just love teens and tweens!

Hope you have one WONDERFUL day. :)

8 Responses to “{sisters in the sunlight} | Dallas / Fort Worth Portrait Photography”

  1. AnneMarieZ Says:

    the last is my absolute FAVORITE!!!
    this is you at your best- showin’ the luv!!

  2. Lisa T. Says:

    That is the most precious grandparent picture I have ever seen in my life. So. Very. Sweet!

  3. Tracy Says:

    You totally amaze me! These blew me away!!!

  4. Tracy M Says:

    AWESOME. I love this. What wonderful memories you helped them capture.

  5. Christine DeSavino Says:

    OMG – both stunners! The girls are gorgeous and that family capture is just sooooo natural and fun!!!

  6. jen Says:


    and about time… i was missing the posts!

  7. Erin Carlyle Says:


  8. Stephanie Says:

    Those girls are beautiful!!! Love Granpa and the kids!!!!!! AWESOME!!!

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