One Amazing Bridal Session | Bridal Portraits Dallas / Fort Worth


A true sneak peek — little snippets of images. :)

And now…onto the big images…isn’t she STUNNING??? I am excited to finally be able to share these images — she’s married now! :) A BIG congratulations to the newly married couple!!!


I don’t typically photograph bridal portraits, because I don’t specialize in wedding photography, but this situation was perfect! This bride needed portraits taken because her photographer, a family friend, was coming from out of state for the wedding. I was happy to oblige and feel so fortunate to have met this beautiful woman and her family. And get this…she’s even MORE beautiful on the inside. :)

Her husband loves golf, so it was important to incorporate some fun golf pics. LOVE these!

Before our session, I met with her and we went over exactly what she wanted…she even brought inspirational images on her laptop which were *perfect*! It was incredibly helpful and put us at ease immediately when it was time for our actual session. I think I’m a big fan of bridal sessions!!! :)


K — you are such a stunning, sweet, happy bride! I wish you, your *new husband,* and your families all the best.
Have a lovely rest of your day! ~mm

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  1. Meg Says:


  2. Jeanette LeBlanc Says:

    Beautiful images Maggie. i know you don’t specialize in weddings, but you totally could if you wanted too….just sayin!

    When you coming to town again?

  3. Alyson Says:

    Great job Maggie! Absolutely LOVE the ring shot….I’m a sucker for a fabulous ring shot :)

  4. Stephanie Says:

    WOW!!!! Totally amazing!!! Makes me want to put a wedding dress on again so you can take some good pics for me! She looks beautiful and is very lucky to have such awesome pictures. What fun!!!

  5. jen Says:

    you SO knocked this one out of the park. and get steph in her wedding dress!!! ;)

  6. Natalie Clayshulte Says:

    These are breathtaking! Beautiful work!

  7. Catie Ronquillo Says:

    Gorgeous Maggie! I remember you telling me about this session!! It came out great :)

  8. Melissa Surprise Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Great work Maggie. What a beautiful bride. I love the ring and club shot!

  9. manda Says:

    you can go ahead and remember these for my wedding :)

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