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I’m most definitely not a morning person, BUT when a fantastic photographic opportunity presents itself, I will most-definitely hop on board.  ***EVEN THOUGH*** it’s happening at 6:45am…the morning AFTER my sister’s wedding.  ;)

My beauteous cousin lives FAR, far away in New York, where she is a social butterfly and star athlete.  I keep tabs on her every once in a while via Facebook and have always wanted to photograph her.  When we realized we’d be together for my sister’s wedding I jumped at the chance to ask her to “model” for me.  Since the time in LA was so crazy, I didn’t realize that she was leaving so soon the morning after my sister’s wedding…SOOOO…we got up extra darn early (me pretty much in my pajamas) to have a quick little 15 minute session near our hotels downtown.


It was fun.  Especially when she started to loosen up (that’s when the jumping came in) and I LOVED showing her some of the images I was getting on the back of my camera.  The incredible part about photographing teens is that during the photo session a transformation takes place where a girl goes from being a tad shy to feeling like a glamorous supermodel.  And that she did.


I love her gorgeous eyes, extra long lashes, crazy long thick hair, laugh, and zest for life.

Can’t WAIT until we have the opportunity to do this again, A.  Let’s schedule something a little longer…and…hopefully not in the morning???!!!  I MUCH prefer a little before sunset!  ;)

Have a lovely day,


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  1. Monna Payne Says:

    Beautiful pics, Maggie! She’s lovely. :)

  2. O Says:


  3. jen Says:

    you are crazy. i thought i had passion but you win. ;) well worth it!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Beauteous is right!!! She looks fab and you did awesome…at 6:45 AM! Love the jumping…very fun :)

  5. julie b Says:

    I am in shock! I KNOW you are not a morning person!!!! Talk about dedication!! But well worth it – what fun pics!

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