a yearly thing! | dallas / fort worth family photography (on the road in Phoenix!)

I LOVE seeing clients year after year — it’s great to have a quick catch up with the parents as we walk and photograph, but it’s always shockingly fun to see the little faces that have grown over the last year. Milk, Spaghettios, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese do that to a kid, ya know. :)

And I just have to add…I love how colorful their clothes are! They really pop in all that greenery…clothing and accessories can really MAKE a session. :)


Ahhh…LOVE this candid mom and daughter moment, coupled with the most *perfect* golden light. :)

I photographed this little lady when she was two weeks old and it brings me great joy to watch little A and her big brother grow up! They’re SO cute and ultra sweet. It was hard for me to get even an alone shot of the little lady because her brother was always right by her side. They have such a cute relationship.


And a fav. Just looks peaceful, doesn’t it? :)
SO many fun choices for holiday cards this year — can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Hope you have one wonderful weekend. We just had a mega downpour in TX, so the whole fam is outside diverting dirty water so it doesn’t land in our pool while I blog (yay!). Off to a bday party, Fall Festival, AND spooky Halloween walk this eve. Hope things clear up for these excited kids.

Next up…the J family for a Sunday sneak peek. Then some of the S fam for Monday! Only FIVE more after that (YIPES) and more sessions to photograph soon…so keep your eyes peeled for more fab and fresh families to hit the bloggity. I appreciate your support!!!!!

6 Responses to “a yearly thing! | dallas / fort worth family photography (on the road in Phoenix!)”

  1. jen Says:

    i’m dying over the cute toes in flips! you are on a roll!

  2. Natalie Clayshulte Says:

    Really lovely! I can’t believe you found so much water to take photographs in around the Phoenix area!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    The kids are SO adorable!!! The first family pic is really good! I love seeing all the new faces :) Really nice!

  4. julie b Says:

    Oh I LOVE that last family pic! How fun is that! I am loving all these great sneak peeks! :)

  5. Mimi Says:

    The family pix are both great! And this heaven-on-earth — is in Arizona?

  6. Claire Says:

    Love the picture and the background. Pants rolled up and it just captures the moment perfectly. Fun and artsy at the same time!

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