Is he CUTE or what?  Not only is he a super relaxed, adorable little boy, but he is so inquisitive and SUCH a talker. 

He kept wanting to take “one more picture.”  How could I resist???

I feel like I want to say EVERY SINGLE IMAGE is my latest and greatest fav.

And there’s a BIG secret…I’m holding my VERY fav image in the depths of my hard drive until I can just process it perfectly…keep your eyeballs peeled.  :)   Hint:  it involves a little role playing (one of my favorite things about doing a home session!).

Have an awesome day.   ~m

4 Responses to “oh.my.”

  1. jen Says:

    these rock! love the hat. gorgeous images lady!

  2. Mimi Says:

    Love the sun in the hair shot. Cool dude.

  3. julie Says:

    All these kids are just so cute! And of course you have captured them and their personalities beautifully. :) Can’t wait to see the fave!

  4. suzi drake Says:

    Great shots – better call B think he has one more question
    for you? Ha! Ha! He reminds me a little of Phil!

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