now THIS is THEM | Dallas Metroplex Photographer | Holiday Mini Sessions

Ahhh…gorgeous loving family. Super fun, sweet, funny, relaxed. These are the shots we get at first…
(i just love baby girl in her wrap all snuggled close to mom)


And thennnnn…things get fun, lovey-dovey and just a TAD crazy. We like real smiles over here, that’s for SURE! :)



It’s so awesome that they can 100% be themselves with a camera nearby! Guess it helps that I’ve been photographing them for years….sheesh…I just said YEARS!
LOVE the orange, pink and blue mix of clothing here, too. The colors just pop enough to give their portraits some oomph! Plaids, flowers, and solids have all been put together flawlessly. LOVELY job, C!

Hope you have one super day.
The B siblings will grace the blog manana! Yesss! Thx for stopping by…

4 Responses to “now THIS is THEM | Dallas Metroplex Photographer | Holiday Mini Sessions”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    SO FUN!!! Love all the color and smiles…they are all great :) Kids are adorable!!!

  2. jen Says:

    i’m IN LOVE with that last shot. AWESOME.

  3. julie b Says:

    CUTEness!!! Love them all!!!

  4. Cristy Says:

    Love Love Love!! Maggie – you always bring out the best in my kids, even when Molly is feeling shy ;) .

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