.in sync.

These two birthday buds always glow when they see each other.  And look how they jumped in at the exact same time and started swimming.  TOO CUTE!

Had a splashin’ cool time today at a new water park for kiddos.

^ This gal never poses for me (on purpose!), so I was shocked when she gave me a little tilt of the head!  :)

^ Fella had fun.  He honestly *thinks* he can swim (and this “pool” has a strange depth for a little one like him) SO it made me a little nervous to have him parading around.  We stuck together though…

unlike little C (above on the right) who was a waterslide maniac!!!  :)   Her momma got a workout today.  This was a rare still moment for C!

^ Most moments are this sweet between these two.  She’s pretty good at taking care of her little bro (unless he has something she wants!!!).

Ready for mini session info?  COMING SOON!  :)

Have a super day.  ~m

5 Responses to “.in sync.”

  1. Sherry Says:

    looks like they had a blast!!!

  2. jen Says:

    work it out lady. love the head tilt!

  3. julie Says:

    Cuuuute! Love these! :)

  4. suzi Says:

    Kate and Jack sooooo cute!

  5. Stephanie Says:

    I like the last one. They are in doing their thing! The head tilt is pretty sweet too! I think it’s a little girl thing. Cute kids girl!!!

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