gorgeous momma-to-be + her benry ;) | dallas / fort worth maternity photographer


I met up with this stylin’ gal yesterday (and our FUN friend, Savanah, who just so happens to be my awesome hair stylist!) for a KILLER maternity session!  They both work at the popular Scott LeMaster Salon in Irving which has EVERYTHING a gal could ever want/need in the “get beautiful” department.  Seriously love getting pampered there.

“Benry” is the nickname her pals have given the little guy that is forever poking her ribs, kicking, and growing in her cute belly.  We definitely had some laughs about his nickname.  :)

Anyway, we had a blast being creative in several outdoor spaces and really soaked the moment up, capturing C’s little bump and gorgeous “glow.”    I was totally blown away by her beauty and the way she could make pregnancy look so chic!


I especially loved all her carefully thought out outfits, full of color, texture, accessories, and quite the selection of boots!

Thank you SO very much, C and S, for being a part of such an inspiring, creative afternoon…it just flew by and I literally cannot stop editing these because they are SO MUCH FUN! :) Seriously, I never post this many!!!

And lastly, here’s a shot with an incredible new lens I recently purchased. I’ve been loving the dreamy effect this lens produces and have been so excited about this upcoming session so I could really practice using it! It involves a whole new set of skills to learn and master, so I’ve been experimenting a ton! I love the emotion it captures, especially in maternity photography, and to me, there’s nothing more perfect than a momma-to-be enjoying her belly with the golden sun at her back and the wind in her hair!
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11 Responses to “gorgeous momma-to-be + her benry ;) | dallas / fort worth maternity photographer”

  1. Lisa Trakis {NJ baby photographer} Says:

    Maggie – what a STUNNING session. She is gorgeous. The last image took my breath away it is so perfect:)

  2. tracy Says:

    Wow! I love her choice of outfits and those boots are KILLER! More amazing work Ms. Maggie :)

  3. Michele Says:

    Maggie, your work constantly amazes me. I absolutely love these! She is just darling. Such great style for mom to be!!

  4. Monna Payne Says:

    Great outfits and pics. I especially love the pink dress and the effect of the light behind her. You have a knack for finding the beauty in your subjects.

  5. stephanie Says:

    SO AMAZING!!!!! These are beautiful…she looks beautiful!!! You are a rockstar!!!

  6. Leah Says:

    Wow…so beautiful Maggie! What lens is it? She is a beautiful Momma to be…..Loved this post!!

  7. jen Says:

    straight up insane. i love the angle you got in front of the tree! in LOVE.

  8. Lisa T. Says:

    Beautiful! What sweet memories… I love the thoughtful/dreamy black and white. LOVE those boots!

  9. Mimi Says:

    Welcome back to the blog. I’ve been seriously missing it!
    You are a perfect match in creativity for this stylin’ mom-to-be. She looks gorgeous!

  10. julie b Says:

    LOVE these! Wowza!!! The outfits, the belly, the shots – love it all! :)

  11. Melissa Surprise Says:

    What an awesome maternity shoot. A beautiful momma to be. Great job Maggie!

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