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When we FIRST moved to Texas, I met the momma of this family via a fun Parks and Rec course for our older kiddos.  It was fun to see a familiar face daily and because we were both “fresh” to Texas, there was lots to talk about — favorite restaurants, preschools, classes, kid activities, the latest LeapFrog movie.  :)  I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph them twice now!  This time, they had loads of family in from out of state, so we worked together to get some extended family portraits, as well as individual family and child portraits.  We zipped straight past the getting-to-know you stage and right to this :
{LOVE those missing teeth}

The M kiddos are SOOOO adorable with an extra dose of sweetness.  We see them quite often (softball, Daisies) and it’s always a running hug for me from one little lady, and big grins with “hello, Miss Maggie” from the others.

I can’t WAIT to show them the rest of their portraits…ALMOST done editing. :)

Hope you have a lovely, sunny day!

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  1. Candee Woolford Says:

    Hi Maggie –

    I am Matt M’s sister and I want to thank you for posting these awesome pictures of my adorable nieces and nephew. I would love to see the others that you took of my mom, aunt and rest of the family. Will you be adding them to the blog or do you have a family only album I can look at?

    I am also into photography and just started marketing myself more in the area. I can’t do it full time but love it as a serious hobby. I really enjoy your work – it is fabulous!

    Have a great day!
    Candee Woolford

  2. Natalie Clayshulte Says:

    These are too cute! Love all of these images, but especially the laughter between sisters in black and white. Lovely!

  3. jen Says:

    holy crap. these might have to be my new fav images of yours!

  4. Mimi Says:

    Love the last one — backlit with the wood in the back. Awesome!

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