Family moments captured! | Fort Worth Family Photography

{Gorgeous kiddos!}

This three-session smile marathon with four couples and their families was speedy, yet SO awesomely productive. :) These family members drove down from Mississippi and Ohio and I was thrilled to be able to be there to preserve their family history! I have so many portraits of our family growing up, especially with grandparents, and I adore them.

I absolutely love capturing family love. I know I’ve said this before, but ever since my father-in-law passed away a year and a half ago, I see SO much value in extended family portraits. I always wish we had just one more portrait with Jay and our family, or Jay and my kiddos.

It was an honor to be asked to capture this sisterly love, too!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

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  1. Natalie Clayshulte Says:

    These are great! What terrific styling. These are certain to be treasured memories.

  2. Mimi Says:

    I like all the Spring colors that this family chose.
    Beautiful family shots, Maggie, they tell a story, as always.

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