:::the big bro

^  Oops!   :)

^ Nothing’s better than a genuine kid laugh or smile.

Just thought I’d post some images from the big bro in the family of eight I photographed in Cali.  What a handsome lad!  :)

Having SUCH a fun time in Portland.  Had our mentoring session today (woo hoooo–lots more about that & pics tomorrow).  It didn’t stop there though—dinner with a pal from AZ that relocated to Portland, sat by a fire pit WITH E’s guitar tonight (soooo relaxing), and I tried to edit some pics, but my brain just cannot go on without sleep!

SO much to tell & show!!!

Tomorrow…wake late, photo shoot around our hotel + with a musician at and near the fun[ky] old train station (love it!).  Train to Bellingham.  :)

Have a super day!  ~m

4 Responses to “:::the big bro”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Love the these!!! Can’t wait until I see some shots of the cool hotel you are staying at and the train station.

  2. tami Says:

    how exciting! enjoy the slices of portland and sewell heaven for me!

  3. suzi Says:

    thanks Maggie you are so sensitive to get these out
    so quickly – love the black & white and one with
    E smiling. The children are loving seeing themselves
    and each other and the comments!
    Love, Suz

  4. Tiffany Says:

    How I am enjoying your blog. Your time in Portland sounded great. I love your latest pictures. Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures of my kids. You capture moments that I have only captured in my memories. You’ve also brought to life new angles on my kiddos that I will treasure for a lifetime!

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