The Center of their World! | Colleyville Southlake Grapevine Photographer

I met this super fun family bright and early Sunday morning.  The light was soft and golden — just the way I like it — and the weather JUST perfect!  We planned this session around both sets of grandparents being in town for some extended family pics, too.

Although extended family portraits are sometimes hard to coordinate, they are SO so worth it.  LOVE the love pouring from their faces.  :)

SO handsome and sweet.  I have lots of smiley ones, but this one really stuck out to me as being extra special.  :)

Loved the “real” interaction with mom and dad.  :)

And we’ll end with this.  Love him throwing his head back in laughter.  His two front teeth coming in remind ME of first grade…what a fun shot.

AND so, so many incredible shots that I didn’t want to reveal in case they’re going to use them for holiday cards. . . wouldn’t want to spoil it!

Thank you SO very much P Family (and extended family) for trusting me to capture your time together. I’m truly honored and hope you’ll cherish these for a long time!  Gallery coming sooooon!  Yay.

Hope you have a lovely rest of your day.


7 Responses to “The Center of their World! | Colleyville Southlake Grapevine Photographer”

  1. Liz Says:

    I am seriously in love with these pictures!! Maggie, you never cease to amaze with your photographic genius!!!

  2. Marissa Says:

    Love these pictures!!! Maggie you are so good :)

  3. Maggie Says:

    Thank you SO very much Liz & Marissa! :)

  4. Andrea Scott Says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful photo… even gave me goose bumps!

  5. Steve Scott Says:

    I never knew Drew was such a good looking guy. And, Liz, you are HOT!

  6. Jan Says:

    What great pictures! This makes me want to have my own picture taken — and I break cameras!

  7. stephanie Says:

    These are all amazing!!! FUN!!!

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