{beauty all around us} | Maggie McDonald Photography | junkyard session

Ahhhh…stunning, stylin’ clients at one incredible location.  A total recipe for success…and a major photographer high!  :)

I’ve photographed this family several times now, and it truly makes a difference with the comfort of the kiddos!  Because they’re used to me/my camera and how things work, the love I am able to witness and capture is so genuine.  I see this through their physical closeness in group pictures and support of each other when it’s time for individual portraits.     It also totally helps that mom comes completely prepared with snacks & movies to keep the kids entertained before, during, and after the session.    When there are four kiddos, there’s a little down time, which helps them recharge!

Okay, time to view…

Seriously…did you see how gorgeous mom is?  :)

Each family member is SO fun, unique and sweet in his/her own way.  I was totally blown away with their attire , too — the mix of the color pop with subtle grays, browns, and denim.  Mom threw in several accessories like a bow tie, scarf, and fur hat to add a little extra flair.   Made SUCH a huge difference.  It was a particularly windy day. so at the end of our session we even used the fur hat on the little lady  – it really helped with her hair and looked adorable.

I had such a hard time choosing only six portraits to showcase here, so there will definitely be more images of this wonderful bunch making an appearance on the blog or my Facebook page in the near future.

Thrilled to work again with this family very soon…can’t WAIT, actually!

Have a lovely day,


***We were VERY fortunate to have the lovely and (always cheery) Savanah from Scott LeMaster Salon & Spa  to work her hair and make-up magic on this special day.  Savanah is incredibly talented and so much fun to have along on a session !

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  1. amanda Says:

    have I told you how excited i am to have you here? you do some hot work lady!

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