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Do I get nervous when photographing?   Yes!  Typically, on my way to a session, I get “that feeling” and then when I meet my client(s) and we get started, the nerves just melt away.  Ummmm…but what  happens when I photograph a fellow photographer’s family?  TRIPLE/QUADRUPLE  those nerves!!!  :)

Please meet fellow photographer Kelly Holder, and her lovely, hilarious, spirited, sweet family.  They traveled to the DFW area for their session from Killeen, TX, and are leaving on another more permanent adventure (moving to GERMANY!) in several days.  I LOVE that amidst the stresses of a move (and boy, moving stresses are endless–I know from experience!), Kelly decided that she wanted to remember Texas and capture her family in their “now.”  Even though it took a lot (travel, hotel, packing, wrangling dogs, time, etc), they’ll have these portraits to look back on to remember this time in their lives…before their European adventure began.


These portraits will help them remember their little lady’s big smiles at her parents (when she wasn’t putting her fingers into her mouth), their little guy doing an awesome Moonwalk for us, AND the GIANT fuzzy caterpillar that tried to made a beeline for their oldest son’s toes (he may or may not have let out a little yelp).  ;)

What an honor to capture this family, and oh what FUN I had.  Safe travels, H Family — cannot wait to hear all about your journey!  I’ll be in touch with all your stunning portraits soon.

Hope you have a lovely day.


2 Responses to “Abroad…in just a few short days! | DFW Family Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Oh Maggie, I cannot thank you enough. You are warm and funny and completely put this Type A stressed out mama at ease! It was so nice to just be the client and completely put it all in your hands. You are fantastic at what you do and we had so much fun spending time with you. Can’t wait to see the rest of your ART! Much love, K

  2. Mimi Says:

    Great looking family. Very professional, Maggie. I really like the one in the field, as well as the whole montage.

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