Cutest “We’re Having a Baby” Announcement EVER! | DFW Family Photographer

The grand plan was to design holiday cards for this terrific family from their earlier 2012 session, but when the mom let me know a big secret (they were expecting!), we did both!  This was a HUGE secret — nobody was to know until the big reveal (the announcements in the mail!), even the kiddos.  How’d we pull this off??!!  Well, let me tell ya…

First, mom found an adorable idea on Pinterest (this card/session is based off that!).

Second, we assembled the participants – Mom, two ADORABLE kiddos, me, and a blank vintage chalkboard…some colorful & delicious lollis at the end always help, too!  ;)

(here the kiddos are before we REALLY got started…)

Third, we got all crazy cute and funny — the whole session took us about 8 minutes (yay us!!!).    I asked the kids to do various silly things and they were just perfect.  We did a whole lot of laughing (see below)…

The mom and I met several days afterwards to decide on the perfect pictures for the text…didn’t take us long at all.  I digitally placed the text, we found a card to compliment their cute little outfits, and we were finished.

Here’s their gorgeous announcement…

(names blurred out, of course, for their privacy!)

Mom and I were practically on the floor laughing as soon as this happened…

Still makes me laugh out loud every time I see this picture.  :)    A HUGE congrats to the fun, spunky, & oh-so-cool D family…can’t wait to meet the new baby in June!!!

And…Happy New Year!!!


5 Responses to “Cutest “We’re Having a Baby” Announcement EVER! | DFW Family Photographer”

  1. jen Says:

    oh my gosh this is the cutest!

  2. manda Says:

    I don’t know what I am more excited for, finally seeing something on your blog after stocking it for months, or seeing such an adorable announcement shoot. I adore you and all your work!

  3. Mimi Says:


  4. jen Says:

    super cute!!! xoxo

  5. Aunt Teeney Says:

    Wow – really impressive how you and the D family put this announcement card together. Fantastic!

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