Your 2008 Holiday Cards — Snazzy Set 2

Which one are you going for this year???  :)   Any favs yet from Set 1 or 2???  Set 3 coming tomorrow!

If you want to see mini session info or all the holiday cards displayed in one post, click on Holiday Info at the top of the blog (or just click the link!).  Regular sessions are still being booked for October (only a couple sessions left!)– Nov. calendar opening very soon!

If you’re thinking about a session for next year, feel free to email me about your idea(s) and we can chat about dates!

Have a fun day.  ~m

7 Responses to “Your 2008 Holiday Cards — Snazzy Set 2”

  1. Sherry Says:

    You sure are making this hard!! Love all the styles…so classy and stylish!! You ROCK girl!!

  2. julie Says:

    Okay I have 2 fav’s so far… I’m going to email you! (I need my peeps to be surprised come christmastime, okay?)

  3. Jill Says:

    These are all beautiful but I love #9. I’m all about “Merry Christmas” so I like that one!!

  4. carriescruggs Says:

    I am so loving how you showed the front and backs – great idea! and I love your customization on these – very nicely done!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. M-mommy Says:

    its hard to choose just one. They are all great, good job.

  6. Sherry Says:

    Julie…this peep over here LOVES getting surprise cards/invites in the mail. Can’t wait to see yours!!

  7. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Thanks ladies! :) So glad you like them! Jill — colors and wording can be changed (2 changes allotted!), so you can put “Merry Christmas” on any card.

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