I had an awesome time with L and her hubby a couple weekends ago.  We spent some time outside & got some wonderfully unique natural light portraits and then moved inside to try and recreate a flowy fabric maternity image she really wanted.  I’m not used to the inside sort of studio image, so it was a fun challenge!  I think she looks absolutely stunning (and she has that prego-glow for sure!!!).

We also got lots of great shots around their lovely home.

I absolutely love maternity shoots.  There’s something so amazing about a pregnant belly and I just LOVE the anticipation, love, and excitement on the faces of the parents-to-be.

And lastly, a vintage-processed nursery pic.  LOVE those little birdies.

Can’t wait to meet the little one in just a couple weeks!  :)

Have a spectacular weekend!   L and M—your gallery and slideshow will be all ready for you Sunday!   ~m

7 Responses to “studio-esque”

  1. Sherry Says:

    What great photographs! Makes me just want to be prego again so you can take some pics! P-). Love #4. I really like that vintage processed look (hint hint). That room looks like it’s adorable and I love the birds too.

  2. julie Says:

    LOVE these! What a great prego model she is too, look at that perfect little belly! The first one is AWESOME, so different and love that fabric. And I loooove #4 too!

    Okay Sherry, that’s an awful lot of prego talk we’ve heard this week! :P ha ha….

  3. cathy Says:

    I love the shot from over her shoudlers, looking down on her belly. It makes me feel the way I did when I would look down at my own pregnant belly, and how happy it made me. :) Love all these shots. Your indoor one is great, Maggie!

  4. tami Says:

    oh my! #4 and #5 are just perfect….love the fun angles and cool processing!

  5. jen Says:

    the over the shoulder is a stunning image, but i have to say you rocked the “studio” shot! the lighting is gorgeous. you are a talented lady. :)

  6. Michelle Says:

    I love them all Maggie…beautiful! But my favorite is the 1st one…so unique and I love that gold fabric!

  7. Stephanie Says:

    I love the over the shoulder. Brings me right back to when baby would push out on one side of my stomach. Aaah, memories. Thank You!

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