b/w + belly

Got a little funky with the processing!!!  :)

Just wanted to say that there’s only one regular session left for the month of October left (unless you have a newborn cutie that needs to be squeezed in)!!!  As far as mini sessions go, there’s one spot left for those too!   {Check the “Availability” and “Holiday Info” tabs at the top of the blog if you’re interested in snagging up the some of last spots of 2008!!!}    :)

I will post availability for November this week!  Just remember, if you’d like images of you or your family for the holidays (gifts, cards, tradition, etc) you must actually have your session completed by 11/16 to ensure holiday delivery.  I’m LOVING these holiday sessions lately!  :)

Have a super rest of your weekend.   ~m

6 Responses to “b/w + belly”

  1. Amy Milliron Says:

    Oh my gosh Maggie, you need to gain royalties from this photo for sure. I just know someone would snatch this one up for a fortune! This is my favorite photo ever! Wowza! ~Amy

  2. wrecklessgirl Says:

    i actually really love this! (oh and thanks for all the comments yesterday!!!!) have a great weekend!


  3. julie Says:

    SO cool! Love this!!!

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey, MJ! At long last, a silhouette!!! I love it. Tres bold and graphic. This one needs to go in that portfolio book I bought you. . . :~)

  5. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    WHAT portfolio book??? :)

    Thanks for all the super sweet comments, ladies. MUCH appreciated. :)

  6. manda Says:

    impressive lady! I love love love this picture… that’s a lot of lovin’ :)

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